Norman Davis cultivates the assets
of prosperous operations and
positive energy


Meet Norman

Growing up in the rural town of Highgate, St. Mary, Jamaica, Norman Davis was adventurous and
free-spirited, with a small, closely knit family. His strongest influence was his father, a Maintenance Supervisor at the Alcan Alumina refinery for nearly 25 years.

NFE employee standing on LNG plant

“My dad has been my rock and my hero,” Norman recalls. “He was a mentor and provider for his family, friends, and community, and he showed me how to love and live life. He was always trying to fix things and make them work better, and find simple solutions to complex problems. It’s because of him that engineering, mining, energy, management, and business became the foundation of my career.”

Six years ago, Norman’s career path led him to us at New Fortress Energy, where he now serves as Vice President of Asset Management. He engages with key strategic partners including Jamalco, the Port Authority of Jamaica, and several Jamaican government entities and provides technical and project management coordination to our Jamaican operations.

Known as a dependable and inspirational leader, Norman admires those same kinds of qualities at NFE.

Group of NFE employees

“I like that NFE is bold, innovative, performance-driven, and agile, from idea development to project execution,” he notes. “We engage the world’s best people, equipment, and processes to meet or beat the world’s best key performance indices.”

Norman is goal-oriented and deadline-driven, but he doesn’t let his determination deter him from his passions for learning new things and mentoring and coaching others on their journeys.

“I enjoy coming up with creative ideas to improve something or make something new that adds value and positively contributes to the growth, development, and success of my family, friends, and community,” he says.

Personal and spiritual connections fuel his life.

“I have been blessed and rewarded with a close-knit family, good friends, and good health, and I strive to surround myself with good vibes and genuine, positive people with an abundance of kindness, confidence, ambition, selflessness, and high integrity and morals,” Norman says. “My proud ongoing accomplishment is being grateful and happy to be able to share my life with them. I also work to eliminate the limiting beliefs and negative patterns that prevent living a life of love and happiness. My solid and continuous rela­tion­ship with God is the base and strength­ of my positive energy.”

We’re proud to have Norman and his positive energy on our team!