Pioneer III sets sail, bringing
Fast LNG to Altamira, Mexico


We’re on board with Fast LNG

At New Fortress Energy, we’re proud to be pioneering Fast LNG, which combines existing floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) technology with a modular, portable, offshore approach. It’s a groundbreaking solution to efficiently liquefying natural gas and bringing it worldwide faster, cheaper, and cleaner than ever.

Pioneer III

This week, the Pioneer III, the utilities and accommodation rig for our Fast LNG 1 unit, set sail from Ingleside, Texas to Altamira, Mexico. Pioneer III is pretty amazing, consisting of the main control room and all operating systems, three Siemens SGT 400 power generation turbines, beds and living quarters for about 80 team members, and even a helideck. Following in its wake shortly will be Pioneer I and II, which will allow us to complete the installation of our Fast LNG 1 unit in Altamira.

Fast LNG 1 will help expand natural gas supply around the world, which is a win in its own right. Even more, this solution opens a world of opportunities to bring the positive energy of cleaner, more affordable natural gas to just about any coast in the world.

  • Pioneer III
  • Pioneer III