Saba Sadeq brings positive energy
to the Big Apple – and the rest
of the world


Meet Saba

Saba Sadeq’s adopted hometown of New York City has become a hub of positive energy for both her professional and personal life.

As Project Manager in our project controls department, she oversees and maintains budgets, schedules, and contracts, and helps drive engagement between the local project teams and our headquarters in New York.

Saba Sadeq

Personally, she loves the energy of the town she calls “the best city in the world!” It’s the place where she crossed off the first big-ticket item on her bucket list by running the New York City Marathon – the first of the “big five” marathons she wants to run, leaving the races in Boston, Tokyo, London, and Berlin to tackle next. Also on her bucket list is learning to speak Spanish fluently with her teams in Mexico and Nicaragua. “Then I won’t have to use Google translate,” she says with a laugh.

Saba grew up in McLean, Virginia, near another major city: Washington, D.C. It’s where she became someone people would call energetic, assertive, and passionate, likely because of the variety of influences she experienced.

“It was a great place to grow up,” she recalls, “because we had the city and suburb life within a 10-minute drive. Because we were such a short drive from the capital, I grew up with people from different backgrounds.

Saba Sadeq

The strongest influences, though, were her parents.

“They push me to challenge myself every day,” she says, “and to always give 110%. Reflecting on how much I’ve done and how much more I have to go still motivates me. The universe is filled with surprises, and that keeps me motivated to continue to work on myself.”

That drive and motivation is what brought her to New Fortress Energy.

“I came across NFE when I was at a point where I wanted to work on something that benefited people not only on a large scale, but also for a lifetime,” she says. “I love the people I get to meet and work with here. They come from all different corners of the world, and they have such a drive and passion to make this planet brighter and cleaner.”

We’re glad that Saba has made New York City – and our New Fortress Energy headquarters – the place where she brings her positive energy to make our world brighter too.