These dads empower their children, themselves, and each other


Father’s Day

We rely on the fathers and father figures in our lives to nurture our confidence to grow into the people we aspire to be. Here at New Fortress Energy, we don’t just have dads who care about their families – these men also reach out to support each other in the world’s most important job: parenthood. We are privileged to introduce you to three of these dads who are empowering their families and each other to be the best that they can be.

Nick Raffone

Meet Nicholas

“I will encourage my son to always believe in himself” – Nicholas Raffone, Vice President, Investments, New York, USA

Before he joined us in 2019, Nicholas Raffone spent six years as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, advising companies across the energy transition and natural resources sector.

Today, his professional investment work is focused on originating, structuring, evaluating, and executing investment opportunities across the full liquefied natural gas infrastructure value chain, as well as corporate mergers and acquisitions and capital markets activity.

But his most meaningful investment is in time with his new son, Theo. His newest family member makes Father’s Day even more special.

“Father’s Day recognizes the most humbling role I have yet to take on and celebrates the great influence a father figure can have on his child,” Nicholas says. “To me, though, it is more important to celebrate family, and how lucky we are to have each other as a support system. I aspire to provide my son with guidance and love and act as a role model for him. Creating my own family, and watching our son grow has been the most rewarding endeavor.” 

His greatest influence in his fatherhood journey has been his own father.

“My father has always inspired me to work exceptionally hard in academics, sports, and my professional life,” he recalls. “I learned to push myself, taking on new challenges and continuing to improve personally and professionally. That’s why I will teach Theo the value of hard work, discipline, teamwork, integrity, trust, and mentorship. I will encourage my son to always believe in himself, to not be afraid of failure, and to be confident that he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to, knowing his family will support him along the way.”

Also vital to his path to parenthood has been his NFE family.

“My coworkers with families act as a resource for me as a new father,” he says, “providing advice and answering any questions about how long it takes for a baby to sleep through the night or to walk or crawl.”

For this Father’s Day, Nicholas is jumping right past walking and crawling to golfing. He’s looking forward to enjoying a family lunch followed by watching the final round of the U.S. Open with Theo in person at The Country Club in Brookline, Mass.

Gregory Bartley

Meet Gregory

“I have grown in every area since joining NFE, and this has rubbed off in the way I parent my children” – Gregory Bartley, Senior Project Manager, Jamaica

Gregory Bartley had 14 years of power generation experience before joining us in 2018 as Assistant Project Manager. So far, he has led more than 16 projects to drive the transformation to cleaner energy in Jamaica.

He credits his father with teaching him to become the man he is today.

“Oddly enough, my father never told me he loved me or took us on trips,” Gregory recalls. “But his constant hard work and dedication to provide for his family showed he loved us dearly. By his actions, he taught me how to be a hard-working individual who provides for and is dedicated to his family.”

 “Having a father in the home inspires one to become a man who would someday make a positive difference in society. It is very important to set that example for the younger generation.”

The standard he strives to set for the next generation can be seen in the lessons he wants to teach his children.

“The only constant is change, so be adaptable and get things done,” he says. “Always speak the truth, take responsibility for your actions, don’t be afraid of failure, be a lifelong learner, set goals, and dream big.

He also appreciates the positive influence of his NFE colleagues.

“I have been blessed by some of the most wonderful coworkers who have encouraged me daily to be a better version of myself,” he says. “I have grown in every area since joining NFE, and this has rubbed off in the way I parent my children.”

His planned Father’s Day celebration spreads those blessings even further.

“We’ll celebrate by highlighting the importance of fathers in general worship service at the Newtown Independent Baptist Church, where I attend,” he says. “This includes the giving of gifts along with reaffirmation of the positive effects of being a strong role model to families within my community.”

Georges Barthel

Meet Georges

“Overcoming challenges is not about the skills you have at the start, but about the effort you put in to finish” – Georges Barthel, Operations Director, Brazil

A 20-year veteran of the shipping industry, Georges Barthel joined us last year to oversee the operations of our liquefied natural gas terminals in Brazil and support the development of new projects.

It is a reasonably traditional career path, but he didn’t have a reasonably traditional childhood.

After his parents separated, he lived with his dad in Brazil, moved to be with his mom in the U.S., and then, when he was 13 and his mom died of cancer, returned to Brazil to live with his father again.

“Although life was never easy, my father has always supported me and treated me with all the love,” he says. “Others had more opportunities and more time than I did, but few were so dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. Overcoming the challenges and appreciating the partnership of those hard days inspired me to be the father that I am today.”

Now that he is a dad, he sees the father-son relationship through a new lens.

“A father and his son have a symbiotic relationship,” he says. “They shape each other up. It takes countless sleepless nights, vaccinations, colds, allergies, teeth-growing, leaking diapers, uninterrupted fights against colic, fevers, doubts, fear, insecurity, and the capacity of surpassing these trials to create a father. This indescribable connection of dependence, admiration, and need creates a mutual love that I had never felt before!”

The biggest lesson he has learned is that nothing can be accomplished alone.

“I went through difficulties, but without the people who helped me and sheltered me, I would never have made it,” he says. “It’s important to not be afraid of asking for help and to never hesitate to help a colleague or acquaintance who is experiencing difficulties.”

Georges relishes the everyday inspiration and support he finds with his NFE coworkers.

“We can always learn something by other peoples’ experience,” he says, “and my colleagues give me good advice on how to overcome my challenges as a father.”

Now that it’s his turn to pass on his learnings, he has amassed a list of priorities to share with his children.

“Never give up, never stop studying, and never stop being interested in what you do,” he says. “That may be the difference between success and failure. Overcoming challenges is not about the skills you have at the start, but about the effort you put in to finish.”

Father’s Day celebrates the bond he is building with his family.

“We need to strengthen this relationship, inspire those who don’t have those relationships, and spread the love even more,” he says. “To celebrate this day, we seek to spend time together, visiting new places, feeding animals, walking on a distant beach… the most important thing is not the place, but the quality of the time that is spent together.”