These moms inspire and empower their children to dream big


Mother’s Day!

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re honored to share the stories of three New Fortress Energy moms who are empowering our future through the legacy they are leaving both here at work and at home with their children.

Camila Torres

Meet Camila

“Mother’s Day is a way of acknowledging all the effort, dedication, and sacrifice moms make every day.” - Camila Torres, Vessel Coordinator, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Camila Torres spent five years as a Deck Officer on board the Golar Winter floating storage regasification unit – and then her son was born. While she loved her work on the water, she happily traded the deck for a desk.  

“My work schedule was 60 days on the ship and 60 days at home, but I had a baby at home and couldn’t be away that long,” she says. “I was invited to work in the office as Operations Analyst, and after a year and a half I was promoted to Vessel Coordinator. I could not be happier and prouder to be part of this company!”

As a mom, Camila cherishes the opportunity to be so fully present in her son’s life. The experience is also giving her a fresh perspective on her mother’s positive influence.

“I see her in the affectionate and attentive way I’m striving to treat my son,” she says, “in appreciating the quality moments with him, and in telling him I love him all the time.”

And that, in turn, reminds her how the circle of life continues.

“I am teaching my son to not be in a hurry to reach some goal, but rather, to enjoy the journey until he gets there,” she says. “I’m grateful to see that he’s absorbing and putting into practice things I teach him.”

For Mother’s Day, Camila looks forward to receiving gifts from her family, and going out to a special dinner together.

“Mother’s Day is a way of acknowledging all the effort, dedication, and sacrifice moms make every day, which often go unnoticed,” she says. “It is a day that I stop and realize what a big mission motherhood is – for me, for my mother, and for all the mothers in the world!”

Jessica Smith

Meet Jessica

“Whatever’s unique or genuine to you, pursue that.” – Jessica Smith, Human Resources Operations and Benefits Manager, New York City, New York, USA

For the past two years, Jessica Smith has helped establish and maintain our benefits programs and human resources systems and processes. But it’s not her only full-time role.

“Being a parent is a full-time job, and not an easy one,” she says. “Having a support system at work is so essential – being part of a team that celebrates the joyful moments of parenthood and that can also meet the more challenging times with empathy. Having that support at NFE has meant the world to me.”

This year, Mother’s Day falls right after her son’s first birthday, and she’s looking forward to reflecting, appreciating, and celebrating her first full year of parenthood with a family brunch in New York City.

“Having lost my mother and grandmother, Mother’s Day takes on another meaning as a time to honor them and their legacy,” Jessica says. “My mom passed away three years ago, and now that I’m a mother, I feel her presence and see the lessons that she bestowed in a new light. She had a remarkable gift of making people feel truly seen and special – and she wasn’t afraid to give people a second chance or see the best in them. I try to apply those practices in my own life, especially as a parent.”

She is working to pass on her own guidance to her son.

“I just want to encourage him to follow his own path,” she says. “Whatever’s unique or genuine to you, pursue that.”

And what’s unique and empowering about her nearly one-year-old?

“The sound of his goofy little laugh,” she says. “It’s magic!

Luisa Estrada

Meet Luisa

“Life is all about growth.” – Luisa Estrada, Logistics Coordinator, Miami, Florida, USA

Luisa Estrada recently brought her 15 years of logistics experience, creativity, and attention to detail to support our operations at New Fortress Energy. She credits her mother for her innate sense of responsibility and commitment, both at work and as a mom herself.

“Through my mother, I learned the importance of guiding children while allowing them space to grow and make their own decisions,” Luisa says. “She was also a prime example of being there for her children during times of need, whether that be moral or material support.”

Luisa believes Mother’s Day is a day to remind mothers how much we love them.

“It is a day to show love through words and actions,” she says. “I’m fortunate since my four sisters and I all live in southern Florida, so for Mother’s Day, we get together, along with all our children and grandchildren, for a big family lunch.”

She’s both inspired and empowered by watching and helping others, especially her children, develop and grow.

“Life is all about growth,” she says. “It is crucial to observe all that is around you, and take each experience as a lesson learned and an opportunity to grow as a citizen of the world. I love the responsibility of supporting my child in becoming the best version of herself so she can step out into the world and make a positive impact.”