Yuri Florenson embodies the
positive spirit of the law


Meet Yuri

As our Legal Contract Administrator, Yuri Florenson shepherds our contracts from internal review to execution to tracking. She helps create structure and communicate the importance of these key processes.

NFE Employee standing by sign reading "we believe in the power of positive energy"

The work is a spot-on match for her strengths, which include being organized, detail-oriented, energetic, innovative, and driven to achieve goals. It also requires her to work cross-functionally with a variety of departments – and that’s one of her favorite parts of the job.

“Everyone at NFE is working together toward success,” she says. “Synergy is key here, and I appreciate the teamwork.”

Indeed, Yuri has found that the greatest support system comes from the people closest to her.

Group of people standing together celebrating

“The strongest influences in my personal life have been my family and friends,” she says, “and, at work, I am proud of accomplishing projects with people who have motivated me to become a better version of myself.”

While Yuri appreciates the cultural diversity, community engagement, and opportunities she has found in her hometown of Houston, Texas, someday she’d like to travel a third of the way around the world to an entirely different environment and go on safari in South Africa.

Wherever she is, Yuri is committed to empowering herself with positive energy in small ways.

“Each morning, I open my small book, ‘Everyday Positive Thinking,’ to a random page,” she says, “and I apply that message to my day.”

We’re grateful that Yuri plays by that book to bring her positive energy to help power our team at NFE.