Andrew Couch builds Southern hospitality into his work


Meet Andrew

Andrew Couch cherished growing up in a small town in South Carolina, where Southern hospitality was ingrained in his everyday life – and he continues that practice today.

NFE employee at LNG plant

When he was a child, the ocean fascinated him, and he enjoyed drawing and building model sailboats, so it’s perhaps no surprise that he chose maritime systems engineering as his undergraduate major at Texas A&M University. He followed that with a master’s degree in civil engineering from Rice University and has now spent nearly 30 years in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Today, he enjoys working as our Managing Director for Fast LNG (Fast Liquefied Natural Gas) Construction.

“I love difficult and challenging projects, where completing the job at hand will mean a difference, either as a first-of-a-kind project that is proving a new technology, or as a novel application that helps the industry,” he notes. “I love working with the multi-functional, innovative, and diverse project team at NFE, where everyone steps up to support our goals of delivering affordable, clean energy. I’m also data-driven, and I like using metrics and key performance indicators to plan work scopes and manage construction performance improvement.”

It’s just the right combination of skills and approach for his current role leading the construction, integration, and commissioning of our Fast LNG program.

NFE employee and family

“I am motivated by ambitious targets and goals,” he says.

“I am proud of our site management teams and contractors that work hard to deliver the first Fast LNG project prototype for offshore Altamira, Mexico,” says Andrew, who admits that some of his empowerment comes from early-morning quad espressos. “I am proud to be part of NFE’s goal to bring this novel LNG solutions to areas around the world where clean, affordable energy is in short supply.”

Even after all these years, Andrew still values the powerful values of his Southern upbringing.

“My dad has been the strongest influence in my life,” he says. “I hope my family and friends see in me the same strong work ethic and dedication to others that my Dad still emulates to this day. I think they would describe me as protective, loyal, and accountable. I take ownership and responsibility for tasks and hold those around me accountable as well, but I also hope they know that they can count on me and that I will always have their back – technically, professionally, and personally.”

We’re thankful to have Andrew’s positive energy and mindset helping lead our Fast LNG projects!