Dina Mota charts a course for success, powered by positive energy


Meet Dina

Dina Mota has spent nearly all of her adult life on the water. After growing up in Brazil in a full house – her parents, one sister, and three cousins – she left home at 17, full steam ahead, to study nautical science at the Centro de Instrução Almirante Brás de Aguiar.

“I have always looked to gain knowledge by putting myself into different experiences and sharing knowledge with others,” Dina says. “The challenges of life at sea and the desire to know different cultures and places took me on that path. That has all prepared me to be where I am today.”

Where she is today is with us at NFE as one of Brazil’s first female Terminal Operations Managers at a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility. She started her career in 2015 as an Officer on a floating storage regasification unit, where she became inspired to learn more about LNG operations.

NFE employee standing on LNG plant

“I was fascinated by how reliable, safe, and efficient our operations are,” Dina recalls. “In 2016, I began studying civil engineering while I was still working onboard, and that gave me an excellent background in analytical thinking and problem-solving.  In 2021, I accepted the challenge to work as Terminal Operations Manager. In Barcarena, I take care of the operations at our LNG terminal, while in Santa Catarina, I’m in charge of the offshore operations. Since the terminals are in development, I follow the project with an operational perspective, handling the ship-to-shore interface and implementing the operations. I’m looking forward to starting our Brazilian terminal operations and continuously keeping them running with excellence.”

Dina’s ambitious aspirations and relentless quest for knowledge were nurtured by her parents, whom she credits for giving her the best examples of integrity, hard work, and kindness.

“I come from a simple family, and when I was 14, I was accepted into an educational program through a non-profit, private institution that provided a high-level education and the opportunity to develop my soft skills,” she explains. “My life was literally changed through education.  When I look back, I see how that shaped me and gave me the possibility to dream bigger.”

Dina Mota

With a well-earned reputation for being loyal, resilient, and determined, Dina loves a challenge – and the knowledge and experience she gains from going through that process. And that’s what she finds every day here at NFE.

“I feel grateful to be a part of the NFE team,” she says. “It’s empowering to work on projects that have a meaningful impact on the community with such a competent and multidisciplinary team, especially other women. Being in a place that promotes a more sustainable world with a talented team energizes me, and I feel motivated to be engaged in something that has a tangible impact on the community.”

And what challenges does she aim to conquer next?

“I want to earn my post-graduate degree in the gas sector,” she says. “I’d also like to take culinary classes. And after all this time on and near the water, I’m eager to start sailing classes!”

Dina’s positive energy is an inspiration to our entire team and we’re lucky to have her onboard!