Empowering women: Inspiring stories
of resilience and achievement


Celebrating Women’s History Month

This year, the Women’s History Month theme is “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion,” recognizing the struggles and achievements of women worldwide. At New Fortress Energy, we’re thrilled that our teams include women who are leading this charge to power the world with their positive energy every day. Today, it’s our pleasure to introduce three of these remarkable NFE women and share their encouraging messages.

NFE Employee

Meet Cassiélle

“Believe in Yourself, You Can Conquer the World!”Cassiélle Anaiá Marques de Rangel, Communication Specialist, Brazil

Even as a little girl, Cassiélle saw herself as the protagonist of her own story – and she wanted to do even more.

“I wanted to be part of other people's stories,” she says. “I started my career as a radio announcer at the age of 8, and I was a TV reporter for 15 years.” She also earned her undergraduate degree in music with a specialization in radio and TV.

Six years ago, Cassiélle redirected her career to corporate communications, and since 2021, she has overseen communications, social actions, and community relations for NFE’s socio-environmental programs related to our Barcarena project in Pará, Brazil.

These experiences have given her a unique perspective on Women’s History Month.

“Women’s History Month is a time to remember the struggles and sacrifices of women who are part of history, to celebrate all the advances they have achieved, and to praise today’s women who are symbols of resistance and female empowerment,” she says. “My mother, Jurandi Marques Rangel, was my first role model in this area. She started sewing her own school uniforms at the age of 7. She has always been a model of resilience, competence, entrepreneurship, and female empowerment. Today, I also admire my work colleagues who are active voices in a predominantly male environment, and our community leaders for their courage in fighting for the rights of traditional peoples.”

Cassiélle appreciates that her local northern Brazilian workplace culture requires awareness-raising policies such as quotas for hiring women and mechanisms to deal with gender prejudice, but she sees more work to be done.

“Simply increasing the number of women companies hire will not ensure that women are respected and treated fairly,” she says. “We need to change the culture by first understanding the scenario and identifying behavioral barriers. Structural measures, combined with awareness campaigns and incentives for professional training, establish clear parameters for the importance of including and valuing women in the workplace culture that companies seek.”

She encourages other women to take a primary role in that effort, and she shares some advice for today’s children as they grow into tomorrow’s leaders.

“If I were raising a daughter, I would try to create a family environment where she felt safe and confident to dream and discover her aptitudes to be whatever she wants to be,” Cassiélle affirms. “I would encourage her to be happy, have dreams, imagine everything she would like to be, be better at every test to prove her ability, and become an adult who is aware of her rights and proud to be a woman who has empathy and sorority, and who is an agent for transforming the lives of other women.”

She also has an uplifting message for all women along their journey.

“If you get discouraged, remember the little girl who still lives in you and the truest dreams you've ever had,” she says. “If you've already achieved your dreams, hug yourself – and dream some more. If you haven't achieved them, go in search of what you wanted to be and be it. Learn to identify and create opportunities. Believe in yourself, you can conquer the world!”

It’s a mantra Cassiélle has taken to heart, and it has paid off in professional and personal fulfillment that overflows to others.

“I consider my work to be a mission, and I feel fulfilled with each new challenge,” she says. “I feel empowered when my work allows me to reach and transform other lives. This positive energy fuels my dreams, makes me go on more gently with myself, without so many demands and questions. It renews my certainty that I can also do big, important things and help other women feel empowered too.”

NFE employee

Meet Shashagay

“See It, Dream It, Do It!” – Shashagay Brissette, Assistant Manager, Global Vessel Operations, Marine and Terminal, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Shashagay spent a decade as a seafarer working in power plants, containerized ships, and liquefied natural gas carriers before joining NFE six years ago as an Operator at our Montego Bay, Jamaica, facility. She has since advanced to her current role as Assistant Manager, but she has only just begun.

“I do not believe that I have reached the pinnacle of my dreams, so I continue to learn to nurture my growth,” she says. “I embrace continuous learning, not only in my field but other associated fields, to create versatility and diversity and increase my value and impact as a woman in the workplace, in the household, and in society. I love to set goals that seem impossible, and then aspire to accomplish them. This brings a sense of satisfaction and pride that seems matchless.”

Shashagay recognizes that she is part of a long tradition of women striving to do the same thing, and she embraces Women’s History Month as a time to recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of women throughout history.

“It serves as a reminder to acknowledge the often-overlooked impact of women and their role in shaping society,” she says. “Celebrating Women’s History Month advertises the value of women in society and highlights the impact women have made globally, promoting awareness of their achievements and inspiring future generations.”

To put action behind that aspiration in the workplace, Shashagay suggests companies could implement inclusive policies, involve women in important decision-making, provide mentorship programs geared toward training women into management roles, and ensure fair pay. She also encourages young women to live up to their potential. 

“I would advise young girls to be brave and stay strong, with shoulders back and heads high,” she says. “Stay in the game, overcome the struggles, envision your dreams, and get it done. Embrace your uniqueness, develop and cultivate your confidence, network, ask questions, be persistent, and never give up. See it, dream it, do it!”

Shashagay has found creative ways to personally honor the spirit of Women’s History Month all year as well.

“I also associate myself with strong women and set my standards accordingly to build courage and confidence,” she explains. “Talented actress Viola Davis inspires me through her award-winning performances and her commitment to social issues. I also support women-owned businesses. I talk with my daughters about women’s challenges and achievements to prepare and mold them to take charge of whatever their future holds.”

NFE employee

Meet Nadia

“Trust That You Can Achieve Whatever You Set Your Mind To.” Nadia Berrios, HR Business Partner, Mexico and Nicaragua

Nadia joined us at NFE nearly three years ago, starting her journey with us in Puerto Sandino, Nicaragua and later moving to Mexico to support our team in La Paz.

“I fell in love with NFE’s vision,” she says simply. “I’ve been able to work with wonderful professionals and excellent leaders in many areas of the business. I also contributed to the emergency power project in Puerto Rico and supported the HR handover for operations in Mexico.”

As an HR professional, Nadia strongly believes in helping companies ensure women are included and appreciated in the workplace.

“Companies need to implement policies and practices that support pay equity,” she says, “offer leadership development programs that support women’s career advancements and provide them with access to the guidance and support of more experienced leaders within the organization.”

Nadia also loves her other job – being the mother to three daughters who fuel her drive to honor Women’s History Month through both her words and her actions.

“I see Women’s History Month as an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of so many women before us who fought tirelessly for justice and equality, and thank them for all their dedication and bravery,” she says. “It’s also a time to remember the legacy we are building for future generations of women in terms of dignity, recognition, equality, and courage in the fight for our dreams, so we can empower those future leaders from childhood and convince them that women can achieve everything we set out to do.”

It's a wide-reaching passion she learned close to home.

“Undoubtedly, my mother is the woman I admire the most,” Nadia says. “Despite all the difficulties, she always fought for her goals, found her strength and wisdom, and encouraged me to become my best self.”

In her interactions with the next generation of women, she hopes to instill the same desire to excel.

“Take the time to soul search and understand what your interests are, what your short and long-term goals are, and what you want to accomplish,” she advises. “Trust that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, and you have what you need to make it happen. Know your self-worth and demand what you deserve. Choose the career that makes you happy. No matter how unimportant it may seem, learning from the bottom is the best way to learn. Don't be intimidated by what you don't know or by the mistakes you make, because this is also part of the path to success.”