Media Kerr is helping us engineer
a brighter future


Meet Media

Today Media Kerr is our Technical Services Engineer, overseeing the execution of all our major technical services contracts and inventory, assisting with the smooth operations of our Clarendon combined heat and power plant, and supporting the operations and maintenance team. But being an engineer wasn’t always her goal.

Media Kerr

“I really appreciate the level of agility that the company exercises in the execution of its business"

She originally attended university to earn her degree in Actuarial Science, but a senior lecturer suggested her problem-solving and analytical thinking capabilities would be better leveraged as an engineer.

“What can I say,” she says with a laugh. “The rest was history!”

Media joined us as a Project Administrator for the construction and commercial operation and delivery of the Clarendon plant, helping complete the 100-megawatt plant so it could achieve commercial operations within 18 months, and ahead of schedule. It’s been a great fit from the start.

“I really appreciate the level of agility that the company exercises in the execution of its business,” she says, “and being part of the introduction of natural gas as a greener energy solution to Jamaica.”

Media Kerr

“I often find my motivation from within”

Media has always appreciated the beauty of her home country. Growing up in the small town of Hopewell along Jamaica’s west coast, she enjoyed trips to the beach and dinners discussing politics, sports, religion, and life goals with her large, extended family.

“My grandmother was a strong influence,” Media recalls. “She taught me how to be bold as a woman, seek after my dreams, and believe in myself.”

That surely contributed to her personality, which could best be described as jovial, strong, and driven. She still has plans to fulfill more big dreams, including traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, going skydiving, and even being part of a popular dance crew. We feel confident she’ll make it all happen.

“I often find my motivation from within, and it’s gratifying to succeed in whatever I put my mind to,” she says. “But what most powers me with positive energy is knowing that there is a higher power that watches over me every day.”

We’re grateful that Media brings her determination to us at New Fortress Energy to help us power the world with just that kind of positive energy.