Daniel Felix has a facility for expertly managing our facilities


Meet Daniel

Daniel Felix’s job is to make sure that his colleagues at New Fortress Energy have what they need to do their jobs. As Facilities Manager, he wears many hats, from managing the day-to-day operations of the Houston, Texas, office, to assisting with new office openings and events.

Daniel Felix

“There is never a dull moment!” he says with a laugh. “I want people to come to work and enjoy the space, feel comfortable, and be as productive as possible. I never get bored. I enjoy the fast-paced environment and the great team of people. The rapid growth of our company and what we are accomplishing as a team powers me with positive energy.”

Daniel was born and raised in southern California, 30 miles from Disneyland.

“Growing up in California was awesome, with summers at the beach and winters in the mountains playing in the snow,” he says. “As an adult, I spent years managing high-rise condominiums, which prepared me for what I’m doing now at New Fortress Energy.”

Daniel Felix and family

He also received ideal preparation for his career – and his life – from his mom.

“My mother has been my strongest influence,” says Daniel, who is known for his qualities of empathy, assertiveness, and curiosity. “She faced so many hardships and obstacles, but she never gave up, and she always persevered. It’s taught me to always keep going and stay strong no matter what life throws at you. Achieving results, meeting goals, and making people happy give me a sense of accomplishment.” 

Daniel’s ambitions extend beyond work to his personal life, where his diverse bucket list includes volunteering at a dog shelter; visiting all 50 United States plus Machu Picchu, Peru; and earning his private pilot’s license.

We’re grateful that Daniel is overseeing our facilities and empowering all of us at New Fortress Energy to give wings to our vision to fill the world with positive energy.