Scoring big in Montego Bay with a new multipurpose recreational court


Supporting the local youth

Watching the exciting football, basketball, and netball games now being played at the new multipurpose court in the Catherine Hall community in Montego Bay, Jamaica, it’s tough to imagine that only a few months ago, this bustling area was just an empty space.

Jamaica Court Handover

We’re proud to have teamed up with the St. James Municipal Corporation and the Catherine Hall Community Development Center (CDC), contributing $2.5 million JMD of the $4 million JMD needed to bring this vibrant recreation space to life. After a year of construction, the refurbished court now includes 300 feet of chain-link perimeter fencing, regulation markings and hoops, and LED solar lights to facilitate night games and activities.

“Multipurpose courts and the activities that they allow signal a big part of a community’s commitment to its residents,” noted Robert Rodney, our Montego Bay Terminal Manager, at the court ribbon-cutting earlier this month. “It shows that residents are important. This is a much-needed outlet for young people to channel their energy into something positive that can help to build them and keep them active. We look forward to the many sporting events and family activities that will be made possible here in Catherine Hall because of the construction of this multipurpose court.”

At the ceremony, the community expressed appreciation for the court and the caring behind it.

Jamaica Court Handover

“New Fortress Energy, we appreciate and commend you for your commitment,” said Ava-Gaye Gordon, president of the Catherine Hall CDC. “We could not have done this without you. We promise to honor your investment and commitment to our community by maintaining this multipurpose court as a milestone in enhancing youth growth and development in our community.”

“This multipurpose court is, therefore, a big step in the right direction in giving our young people a positive outlet to grow and develop,” agreed Janet Silvera, president of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “We applaud [NFE] for their commitment to supporting and giving back to the people of Montego Bay through initiatives including education and community development.”

“[I] have a lot of love for New Fortress Energy, because they have put their money where their mouth is, and this is a good example of how corporate citizens need to operate,” added Dwight Crawford, Councillor of the Spring Garden Division. “It’s heartwarming to know that young men, young women, and families now have somewhere to call their own – a secure space where they can bond, play, network, and develop their sporting talent. On behalf of the entire Catherine Hall community and the St. James Municipal Corporation, we simply cannot thank New Fortress Energy enough for their support.”

We’re grateful for the opportunity these partners have afforded us to help empower athletes of all ages in this Montego Bay community to achieve their personal best, on the court and off.