Where are NFE scholars today? Spotlight on Sherwayne Howell


Our scholars
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Two years ago, Sherwayne Howell was one of the first Caribbean Maritime University students to earn a New Fortress Energy (NFE) Foundation scholarship. We are proud to have supported him as he learned the ropes for his degree in marine transportation. Now that he’s charting a course for the next leg of his journey, we are excited to wish him smooth sailing as he helps keep our waterways shipshape. 

Sherwayne Howell

A letter from Sherwayne

"Today, I am writing this letter to you with my heart filled with gratitude for the positive contribution that you had made to not just my education, but to a greater extent, my entire life. In July of 2018,  I came across your scholarship when I was at one of the lowest points in my life in terms of financial support, and I had lost all hope for financial progression at the Caribbean Maritime University. I went ahead to read more on how and where I could apply for this scholarship, since I was in desperate need of financial assistance. After applying for your scholarship, I was among one of the selected twelve recipients for this renewable scholarship award.

Fast-forwarding to September 2020, I have now successfully completed my ​Bachelor of Science​ degree in Marine Transportation, and I am now in touching distance of obtaining my Certificate of Competence. This would not have been possible without the commitment and drive that New Fortress Energy showed towards my personal and educational development. I am very appreciative of your support during my last two academic years at university, as this support had lifted a very heavy financial burden. I am currently in the documentation stages to get my internship underway and onboard a vessel as soon as possible. 

I am very grateful for your dedication towards assisting students at all levels of education around the world and I am honored to be among the recipients of this scholarship from New Fortress Energy, in its inaugural year at the Caribbean Maritime University. Your meaningful contributions to the betterment of my future will always be remembered, as this was a life changing event for me. I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to the CEO, Mr Wes Edens, and the New Fortress Energy family, for their continued support towards the upliftment of youngsters around the globe.

Thank you. 

S. Howell"