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Powering the world's energy transition


We are an
energy transition

The world needs to transition to cleaner energy. Starting today

Right now, 60% of the world's energy comes from oil & coal, but in the future, we need a 100% clean, resilient energy system.(1) But how do we get there?

Energy Transition Approach

We're helping the world transition from oil-based fuels to natural gas

Many places around the world lack access to cleaner energy sources, like natural gas and renewables.  We're working to change that - starting today.

We're replacing oil-based fuels with natural gas, a cleaner, more affordable alternative that can make a difference today.  Natural gas is the perfect complement to renewables, providing stable back-up power, reducing carbon emissions by 30%, and saving money that can in turn be invested into renewable infrastructure, accelerating the energy transition.(2)  Additionally, today's natural gas infrastructure is tomorrow's hydrogen infrastructure - our investments today are building a cleaner world for the future.

Results that make a difference, today(2)

  • Cost savings

  • Fund renewables

  • CO2 reduction

  • Meet goals faster

Energy Transition Approach

In the future, we aim to transition from natural gas to zero-emission hydrogen

In the future, we need a 100% clean, resilient energy system.  

By 2030, our goal is to replace natural gas with zero-emission hydrogen across our operations.  Zero-emission hydrogen couples perfectly with renewables and batteries, providing a reliable source of back-up power as well as clean fuel for transportation and other applications.  Additionally, hydrogen can seamlessly replace natural gas in modern natural gas infrastructure.  Our hydrogen division, Zero, is already investing in promising zero-emission hydrogen technologies to take us from low carbon to no carbon.

The stable, clean energy system of the future

  • CO2 reduction

  • Uses existing infrastructure

  • Reach renewables goal

  • Resilient