Altamira Fast LNG 1 brings
positive energy to Mexico

Fast LNG Unit

We're powering Mexico with positive energy

In 2021, we began developing ways to use FLNG (Floating Liquefied Natural Gas) technology, and now, with our modular approach to FLNG, we’re setting sail with our proprietary Fast LNG solution.

Our first Fast LNG installation, FLNG1, is being deployed to Altamira, Mexico, in partnership with CFE, Mexico’s state-owned electric utility. The project will liquefy gas supplied by the Sur de Texas-Tuxpan pipeline and will help create a new FLNG hub off the east coast of Mexico.

This is a major milestone for the world of LNG and we're excited to play our part to bring cleaner, reliable and more affordable energy solutions to Mexico.







Fast LNG 1 Altamira

Pioneer III arrival

Pioneer III, the utilities and accommodation rig for our Fast LNG 1 unit, has arrived at its final destination! Stationed offshore of Altamira, Mexico, the arrival of Pioneer III is a significant milestone for our Fast LNG 1 project, and we're excited to be making waves in the world of LNG.


Last updated August 2, 2023
Pioneer III

Pioneer III sail away

Pioneer III, the utilities and accommodation rig for our Fast LNG 1 unit, has set sail for Altamira, Mexico! Pioneer III consists of the facility main control room, three Siemens SGT 400 power generation turbines to power the full facility, beds for ~80 team members, a helideck, and all systems required for the living quarters and utility needs of our Fast LNG 1 project. 


Last updated July 28, 2023
Fast LNG 1 Hot Tap

Hot tap completion

We recently completed our hot tap to the Sur de Texas-Tuxpan pipeline located offshore Altamira, Mexico. The hot tap allows natural gas to flow from the pipeline into the Fast LNG unit, where it is processed and liquefied.


Last updated July 14, 2023